Custom Chaps

Custom made Chaps designed for all Rodeo events ranging from Mutton Busting to Bull Riding. Show Chaps are also available.

Each pair are custom made and designed by the customer along side one of our chap makers at Rodeo Etc.

Endless colors are available. Because these Chaps are custom made, please call or use the comment form to ask for a custom quote.





Call Mayleen Boslaugh For More Information on our Custom Chaps

Phone: (916) 342-4507


Types of Chaps:
Cutting Chaps: Base price $375.00 depending on the conchos buckle loop and tip, are made of 4.5oz to 5.oz suede leather with tooled top belt and leg with choice of conchos. with 3 straps and buckles.
Base price $375.00
Drill Team Chaps: Base price 325.00 are made of 4.0oz to 4.5 oz top grain leather. Many colors to choose from, contrasting top and fringe. Metallic and bottom design extra, also tooled tops and leg and belt options.
Base price $325.00
Rodeo Queen Chaps; 325.00 base price 4.0oz to 4.5 top grain leather. Contrasting leather, add tooled top and belt and leg. Add a design and a sponsors to the bottom.
Base price $325.00
Show Chaps: Base price 325.00 4.0 to 4.5 suede leather, or
Top grain leather
- Base price 350.00. Tooled tops can be added in scallops or fringed with full length zipper. Option 1 or 2 concho design.
Base price $325.00
Base price $350.00
Ranch Working Chaps: Comes in batwing or shotgun full length zipper or buckles base price 375.00 4.5 to 5.0 top grain leather. Add pocket or knife pouch.
Base price $375.00
Farrier Chaps: Light weight 1000 denier cordura summer chaps with leather patches. Base price 100.00
Suede leather
- Base price 125.00 with leg patches knife pouch and nail magnet.
Top Grain leather - Base price 150.00 5.0oz to 5.5oz soft but very durable.
Base price $100.00
Base price $125.00
Base price $150.00
Hay Chaps: Base price 85.00 5.0oz soft but vary durable leather.
Base price $85.00
English Schooling Chaps: Base price 375.00 4.0oz to 4.5oz suede leather with contracting stripe.
Top grain
3.5oz to 4.0oz 300.00.
Base price $375.00
Base price $300.00
Half Chaps: Base price 50.00 suede leather.
Fringe Half Chaps:
Starting 85.00
Top grain leather -
Base price 100.00 velcro or zipper.
Add-on -
$10.00 zipper added.
Suede velcro no fringe $50.00.
Suede w/fringe and conchos $95.00.
Smooth w/fringe and conchos $105.00.
Base price $50.00
Base price $85.00
Base price $100.00
Youth Chinks and Chaps
Rodeo Chaps: Bull riding, saddle bronc bareback: Base price 225.00 for base color and 1 color metallic leather fringe. No bottom design are made of 5.0 to 5.5 top grain leather in many base colors. 10 metallic colors. Bottom design and double fringe are add ons sponsor names can be be added.

Tiny Mutton: waist under 17 thigh under 9 length under 18 $125.00

Mutton: waist 18-21 thigh 9-11 length 18-21 $125.00

Calf: waist 22-24 thigh 12-14 length 22-29 $175.00

Steer: waist 24-29 thigh 14-18 length 30 -36 $225.00

Bull: waist 30 & up thigh 20 & up length 37 & up

If you are over 6ft please call for pricing

Base price $225.00
Show, rodeo, mutton busting, steer riding, bull riding, saddle bronc, bareback, jr rodeo queen chaps. Prices vary depending on size and type starting at 145.00.
Call or email for a quote. (916) 342-4507.
Starting at $145.00


Chaps Item#1
Gold Shot Gun with Navajo Trim
Chaps Item#2
Dark Brown Shot Gun - Working Chaps
Chaps Item#3
Rodeo Chaps - Tan with Black and White Doubled Fringe w/inlayed Hair On


Chaps Item#4
Rodeo Chaps Black with Hot Pink and Metallic Purple Trim


Chaps Item#5
Hair On with Red and Silver Metallic Trim with a bottom Design

Chaps Item#6
Black and Blue Fringe


Top Item#1
Floral Medium Brown
Top Item#2
Basket Stamped Dark with Bling
Top Item#3
Basket Stamped Dark



Belt Back Item#1
Light Floral
Belt Back Item#2
Chap Leather with Navajo and Turquoise Trim
Belt Back Item#3
Basket Stamped Light
Belt Back Item #4
Basket Stamped Dark Leg




Leg Item#1
Dark Basket Stamped with Navajo Trim
Leg Item#2
Light Basket Stamped with Navajo Trim
Leg Item#3
Dark Floral
Leg Item#4
Light Basket Stamped
Leg Item#5
Light Floral with Contrast with Spots

chaps Item#7
Working Chaps

Chaps Item#8
Cutting Chaps

Chaps Item#9
Shotgun Chaps

Chaps Item#10

Chaps Item#10 a

Blue: Cordura shoeing shoeing chaps

Brown: Leather shoeing chaps

Chaps Item#11

Dawns Gold Medal

Chaps Item#12

Mutton Busting Chaps

Chaps Item#13

Bat Wing Chap

Chaps Item#14

Shotgun Suede Chaps

Chaps Item#15

Shotgun Chaps

Chaps Item#16

Palomino and Purple Fringe, Fair Queen



Chaps Item#17

Princess Chaps


Chaps Item#18

Mutton Busting Chaps


Chaps Item#19

Youth Shotguns Chaps

Chaps Item#20
Brown Shot Gun with Snaps

Chaps Item#21
Rodeo Queen Chaps with removable logo patch and can have removable fringe

Chaps Item#22
Yellow Rodeo Chaps

Chaps Item#23
Batwing Chaps


Chaps Item#24
Shot Gun Chaps

Chaps Item#25
Black with Metallic Blue and Silver


Chaps Item#26
Jr. Rodeo Queen Chaps

Chaps Item#27
Oregon Cowgirls 1

Chaps Item#28
Oregon Cowgirls 2

Chaps Item#29
Oregon Cowgirls 3

Chaps Item#30
Oregon Cowgirls 4


Chaps Item#31
Queen Rodeo Chaps

Chaps Item#32
Red, White, and Blue Queen Rodeo

Chaps Item#33
Rodeo Chaps with Flames

Chaps Item#34
Tri Color Rodeo


Chaps Item#35
Pink Mutton

Chaps Item#36

Blue Mutton

Chaps Item#37

Black and Red

Chaps Item#38

Fuchsia Chaps


Chaps Item#39

Cream Blue with Bronze Trim

Chaps Item#40

Steer Riding Chaps

Chaps Item#41

Calf Chaps


Chaps Item#42

Black with Purple Queen Chaps

Chaps Item#43

White and metallic purple rodeo queen chaps

Chaps Item#44

Black Rodeo Chaps with Red Orange

Chaps Item#45

Rodeo Queen Chaps

Chaps Item#46

Rodeo Queen Chaps

Chaps Item#47

Black cutting chaps with hair on leg shield and yoke

Chaps Item#48

Brown shotgun chaps with double twisted fringe and Navajo trim with leg shield

Chaps Item#49

Black and orange metallic and lime green fringe

Chaps Item#50

Deer tan show chaps

Chaps Item#51

Trophy bull riding chaps

Chaps Item#52

Tobacco working chaps with black stripe and leg shield

Chinks Item#53

Maroon rodeo chaps other leg with bull

Chinks Item#54

Red youth rodeo chaps

Chinks Item#55

Youth cutting chaps palomino


Chinks Item#56

Rodeo chaps purple and black and silver trim

Chaps Item#57

Cutting Chaps

Chaps Item#58

Deer tan shot gun chaps with double twist fringe no leg shield


Chaps Item#59

Farrier Chaps


Chaps Item#60

Black with gold and blue rodeo chaps


Chaps Item#61

Medium brown full chaps with double twist fringe


Chaps Item#62

Black and blue rodeo chaps with lg cross and int.


Chaps Item#63

Rodeo Princess


Chaps Item#64

Rodeo Queen


Chaps Item#65

Sand Show Chaps





Rodeo Queen Chaps lime green with turquoise trim





Dusk with turquoise double twist fringe and double row of spots




Palomino chaps with brown stripe



Mahogany suede side out chaps


Item#70 (1st pair)

1st pair taupe shot gun with no fringe



Item#71 (2nd pair)

2nd pair same taupe with fringe chaps



Black chaps with double fringe. 2nd Black chaps with double twist fringe


Black rodeo chaps with pink and orange metallic and vest



Taupe chaps with double twist fringe and spots


Call Mayleen Boslaugh For More Information 916.342.4507