Custom Half Chaps

Custom made Chaps designed for all Rodeo events ranging from Mutton Busting to Bull Riding. Show Chaps are also available.

Each pair are custom made and designed by the customer along side one of our chap makers at Rodeo Etc.

Endless colors are available. Because these Chaps are custom made, please call or use the comment form to ask for a custom quote.

Call Mayleen Boslaugh For More Information on our Custom Chaps

Phone: (916) 342-4507



Deer Tanned Cow Hide - Leather Chart - Click on the photo for a larger view



Click on picture of the color swatch chart to view a larger picture

Half Chaps:
Half Chaps: Base price 50.00 suede leather.
Fringe Half Chaps:
Starting 95.00
Top grain leather -
Base price 110.00 velcro or zipper.
Add-on - $10.00 zipper added.
Suede velcro no fringe $50.00.
Suede w/fringe and conchos $95.00.
Smooth w/fringe and conchos $105.00.
Double fringe adds $10.00
Double twisted $25.00
Single adds $15.00
Base price $50.00
Base price $95.00
Base price $110.00



chaps Item#1
Black with Fringe, and conchos


Chaps Item#2
Black Suede with Smooth Leather Fringe with Turquoise Concho.


Chaps Item#3

Gray Half Chaps


Chaps Item#4
Gray with Black Fringe

Chaps Item#5
Purple with black fringe with rhinestone conchos

Chaps Item#6
Palomino Fringe with Dark Brown, Star Conchos

Chaps Item#7
Black suede with black smooth fringe with heart conhos

Chaps Item#8
Black and Purple Fringe

Chaps Item#9
Black suede with smooth black fringe x-tall star concho

Chaps Item#10
Black suede with name on tab



Chaps Item#11

Fringe half chap


Chaps Item#12

Fringe half chaps with turquoise

Chaps Item#13

Black suede with red fringe

Chaps Item#14

Black suede and fushia trim

Chaps Item#15

Brown with palomino trim with navjo trim

Chaps Item#16

Black with turquoise trim

Chaps Item#17

Black with smooth pink fringe

Chaps Item#18

Smooth blk with purple suede fringe

Chaps Item#19

Smooth brown and palomino no fringe zip half chaps

Chaps Item#20

Brown suede with palomino fringe with long tassle

Chaps Item#21

Gray suede with smooth green fringe

Chaps Item#22

Red suede with white and blue fringe

Chaps Item#23

Black and royal halfchaps

Chaps Item#24

Brown halfchap with knife sheath


Chaps Item#25

Brown half chap with hair on leopard with palomino fringe

Chaps Item#26

Black suede with black and blue double fringe


Chaps Item#27

Baby blue and black


Chaps Item#28

Black and baby blue


Chaps Item#29

Royal blue and black


Chaps Item#30

Black and Smooth Red


Chaps Item#31

Brown with beaded horses and a cell phone


Chaps Item#32

Smooth brown with turquoise double twist and cell phone case


Chaps Item#33

Half Chaps brown and pink with cell phone case



Brown with green fringe half chaps


chaps Item#35
Smooth brown eng style half chaps zipper in back with rhinestone hearts


Call Mayleen Boslaugh For More Information 916.342.4507