Therapeutic Saddle


The Therapeutic Saddle is an independent saddle with a 5" front roll and a 6" cantle, which are covered in soft garment suede.

The pad is soft fleece and the front roll has nylon handles. It uses a standard western girth, which is not included.

This allows you to get the pad tight and secure. Because there is no tree, it will fit any size horse or pony.

The Therapeutic Saddle uses a standard breast collar, which you can purchase through us. Includes adjustable removeable stirrups.


The Therapeutic Saddle provides close contact with the horse which allows the child to feel the full movement of the horse. Like a glove fit around them, the pad will securely hold a child up to 100 lbs.

The Therapeutic Saddle has a unique design, which allows the child to use the front roll to push off and hold their upper body. With this design, the cantle can hold the child around the back and cradle them at the same time.

This allows them to feel more secure, than if they were sitting in a saddle or on a pad. There is no hardware next to the child, so there is no rubbing against their legs.



Saddle w/ Breast Collar
Saddle w/ Non-Slip Girth
Saddle w/ Breast Collar & Non-Slip Girth

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